Officers and Directors

President: Mary Smithson
Vice President: Marytherese Croakin
Secretary: Pat Hadler
Treasurer: Bonnie Ackerman
Immediate Past President: Jill DeVore

Board Members 2017-2019: Pat Fitzpatrick and Mary Mars
Board Members 2018-2020: Carol Smith and Judy Montjoy

Standing Committees:

Service and Grants Committee

Chair: Linda Nusbaum-Grants; Joanne Wissler-Service
Members: Claudia Speakman, Judy Montjoy, Jackie Nielson, and Johanna Ryan

The service committee’s focus is to address community needs and includes ASTRA support. The committee leads the club’s service projects and is the liaison with a local ASTRA club. The committee works in cooperation with our foundation to determine the financial support of grants and service projects. The grants portion of the service committee manages the grants process and makes recommendations to the club on potential grant awardees.

Membership Development and Hospitality Committee

Co-Chairs: Mary Mars and Courtney Seibert
Members: Judy Montjoy Hospitality: Pat Fitzpatrick

Membership includes hospitality and the committee deals with the essential areas of recruitment, orientation, continuing education and retention of members. All club members must assist the committee in the recruitment and identification of new members. The hospitality function of the committee is responsible for welcoming of guests and prospective members; greeting speakers and being sure they are properly taken care of; and, as needed, coordinating the decorations for a meeting and collecting money for meal events. Hospitality also functions as a “courtesy committee” by letting members know of members who are sick or recuperating and whose spirits could be lifted by cards or flowers. This also includes letting members know of the death of a member or a person in the immediate family of a member.

Finance and Fundraising Committee

Finance Chair: Bonnie Ackerman, treasurer
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Jill DeVore & Marytherese Croarkin
Members: Pat Fitzpatrick, Pam Jax, Johanna Ryan, Carol Smith, Claudia Speakman, and Mary Smithson

This committee prepares the club’s operating budget for approval by the board of directors and membership. The chairs of other committees submit operating budgets to the finance chair (club treasurer) for inclusion in the club budget. During the year, changes in expenditures must be submitted to the finance chair and approved by the board of directors. The finance committee may include the current and immediate past treasurer and president, and a member from the foundation. The fundraising portion of the committee raises revenue for the club’s operating expenses and guides the fundraising for the club foundation. Fundraising projects not developed as part of the budget must be approved by the board of directors.

Communications Committee

Chair: Pat Hadler
Yearbook: Pat Fitzpatrick
Newsletter: Mary Mars
Website: Michele Ackerman
Members: Brittany McDaniel

The goals of the committee are to keep the membership fully informed of all activities and plans by issuing a monthly newsletter and /or other communications; maintaining the club’s website; and generating publicity for the club in local media. The committee assists the editor of the yearbook, as needed. The committee coordinates publicity for the club on entries for District and International awards. The committee also maintains the records and history of the club and may be responsible for taking photographs of club programs or service projects.

Special Committees:

Program Committee

Chair: Marytherese Croarkin, vice president
Punchbowl Invitations: Bonnie Ackerman
Members: Chairs of standing committees

The program committee is responsible for setting the year’s programs for meetings and their locations. The chair is the vice president of the club and its members are the chairs of the other committees and may include other members wishing to assist with programs. The vice president calls the meetings of the committee and coordinates program development. Ideally, the speakers for the year’s programs should be set by the end of June.

Nominating Committee

The committee is composed of at least three members elected by the membership to nominate club officers and directors and foundation directors. The three members are generally elected in January of the club year; the nominations are then given to the membership in March for voting; and the installation of officers and directors occurs in May. If possible, there should be 60 days between the election of the committee and the voting by membership of officers and directors. The committee is responsible for organizing and conducting the installation of officers and directors.

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Mary Smtihson, president
Members: Club officers and directors working with club chairs

The club president is chair of the committee and its members are the club’s board members. The committee is responsible for coordinating the strategic plan with committee chairs and tracking the implementation of the club’s plan. Issues of concern will be brought to the attention of membership. Every five years, the committee will work in conjunction with the chairs of the other committees to develop a new plan. The new plan must be approved by the board of directors and membership.